Relativity: More real and possibile points of view that together become impossible. This spacious room of 30sqm can host till 4 people, it's provided with a walk-in closet and its own bathroom with a bathtub/shower. The room presents itself with 4 windows that overlook Maratea historic center characteristic alleys, giving a pleasant breeze. The modern furniture is the real strength of this room, where contrasts become essential characters also thanks to design elements.


The Empire of Lights: Depict the paradoxical image of a nighttime street, lit only by a single street light, beneath a daytime sky. Just like the painting, the room shows two different points of view: the bedroom and the bathroom represent the Night-time zone, while the terrace, that looks out the top of Maratea historical center rooftops, is the Daytime zone; the perfect place to take a good coffee with the morning light.